HFRG Defensive Tactics System

Course Description

The HFRG Threat Pattern Recognition Use of Force is the first subject control system developed through tactical, legal and medical research. Tactically, the system addresses the most common types of resistance officer’s encounter, allowing the instructor to maximize training on job related techniques. Legally, the System teaches a simple use of force continuum that clarifies the appropriate force level for every level of resistance. Medical research was conducted on every technique to refine technique efficiency and to ensure the medical implications were proportional to the level of resistance. 


Full Course Components

-Use of Force Human Factors

-HFRG Control Principles

-HFRG Tactical Handcuffing System

-Escort Position and Joint Lock Control

-Pressure Point Control Tactics

-Defensive Counterstrikes

-HFRG Shoulder Pin Restraint System

-HFRG Impact Weapon System

-HFRG Weapon Retention and Disarming System


Academy Recruit

   Cost: $450   

   Duration: 40 hours


HFRG Tactical Handcuffing System

Course Description

This is a specialized course comprised of two components. The PPCT Tactical Handcuffing System and certification, which educates officers on the three types of subjects they will handcuff. Identifies the criteria used to determine if an officer can legitimately handcuff a subject and provides efficient methods to tactically handcuff cooperative and resistive subjects. It also provides all the basic knowledge and tactics an officer will require to control, de-escalate or lawfully and successfully make arrests; as well as defend against violent attacks. 


Course Components

-Use of Force Human Factors

-HFRG Control Principles

-HFRG Tactical Handcuffing System

-Escort Positions,  Joint Lock Control & Takedowns

-Basic Pressure Point Control Tactics

-Basic Defensive Counterstrikes

-Threat Assessment, De-escalation & Communication

-Non-Aggressive Postures & Transitional Sympathetic Responses

-Defensive Barriers System & Counter Assault Tactics


Academy Recruit 

Cost $190

Duration: 8-12 hours






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