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Edged & Impact Weapon Defence

The 3RT Rapid Response Ready Tactics 

Edged and Impact Weapon Defence System is designed to meet the needs of professionals, as well as for personal defence when confronted by an edged or impact weapon assault and you're unable to disengage or retrieve your own weapon. It is based upon a proven reality based effective and efficient; Intercept-Control-Evade philosophy that employs gross motor skills that are compatible with the affects of survival stress. It covers concepts of real weapon attacks; and reviews defence strategies for both threatening assaults and spontaneous assaults inside the reactionary gap.

Duration : 16 hours



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Custom Training Course/Seminars

Custom Training Course & Seminar contents are confidential and designed to the requested needs of the client.

Duration : 4 - 40 hours



All courses require agency / group rate of $1,250 per day. Manual cost in addition if applicable. 
Courses require attendees to be active LE, military or hold a valid Security course certificate.

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