Saskatchewan Private Investigator and Security Guard Course

"Seeking excellence means choosing to forge your own sword to cut through the limitations of your life."

$225 - Online Sask. Security & PI Course  

$375 - Sask. Security & PI Course  / Physical Tactical Handcuffing Cert. Package


FORGE - Sask. Guard Training is a privately owned and operated online training program and subsidiary of Defence Lab Canada, based in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada.

Our goal is to facilitate relevant, dynamic and progressive training that provides an opportunity for all types of individuals to advance their education and professionalism in private security occupations.


Our foundational training course is as an online E-Learning provider for the Saskatchewan Private Investigator & Security Guard Course. This course is mandatory for anyone seeking to obtain a permanent licence to be employed with a private security firm.  

The Threat Pattern Recognition / PPCT Use of Force Defensive Tactics & Tactical Handcuffing certification courses are physical training events scheduled regularly throughout the year.


Advanced, custom and private/semi-private training courses are available at request.







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